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Hi there, I am happy you have decided to take the time to read a bit about about me because if you decide to we can have so much fun and enjoy the amazing benefits that working and playing with horses has to offer.

For over 25 years I have been privileged to be involved with horses and believe we do not have the right to do as we please with them or to treat them roughly.

They allow us to groom them when they would rather be eating, and to ride them when they would rather be running free in their own environment with their paddock mates.

What I teach, is how to respect the horse in gaining trust through communication and care. Much like we would do with a friend, partner, work colleague, or child.

The more we understand about our friend, colleague, child or partner the easier the relationship can get - If we really sit down and nut it out! If we just think we know our friend or partner without asking what they think, thus assuming, the harder our relationship gets because we expect, they don't do, then we get frustrated, upset and irrational.

This directly applies to working with horses, whenever you assume they are going to do this or that and they don't, what happens to us? We get emotional, frustrated and upset and all our problem solving abilities go out the window. Although we are predators and the horse is a prey animal, we can still use human communication principles to work in harmony with horse. We learn how the horse thinks, as I have done, through studying and working with horses, their behaviour and natural horsemanship concepts, including Monty Roberts, Ken Dromgool, Pat Parelli, Steve Brady, Tom Dorrence and numerous text books in horse behaviour and horse psychology. These people are great natural horsemen, as they are themselves Naturals at Horsemanship.

I was introduced to natural horsemanship by a close friend in 2000, when I met a horse who bucked, reared, bit, kicked and bolted and I could / would not physically man-handle her. I had been taught to break in horses using traditional methods and this horse would not be broken. I also did not want to break her. Her spirit was unusual. I had to learn another way. I didn't want to hurt her - although she hurt me plenty!!. I found Monty Roberts and that changed everything. I learn't how the horse thinks and looking back now is almost unbearable.

My predatory instincts were channeled into a focus of not thinking of how I was feeling, but into how the horse was feeling so allowing me to use productive problem solving abilities - which we all have, instead of getting angry and upset. I found the emphasis was just as important in training myself as it was in training the horse and in fact more training went into me! The automatic cease of frustration was peaceful and enlightrning as the gained insight and gaining knowledge of horse curbed communication gained momentum and the ability to get the horse to willingly do what I wanted was motivational and SAFE.

After breaking numerous bones over 16 years of using the modern and traditional methods of horse working, since developing into natural horsemanship I have learn't that this two- way relationship using natural horsemanship non-violent methods with horses is so much safer and enjoyable.

So in 2000, I began my business starting horses instead of breaking them and remedial training, and bought horses off the meat works trucks that were remedial buckers,rearers, bolters and horses that would not be caught. I worked with them using natural horsemanship, non-violent methods, remedied their problems and re-homed them.

It was also during this time I began developing "Naturale Riding ™" my methods of "Three Stages To Asking" which is a system I teach horses and their owners to be ride naturally (without bridle and saddle).

In 2004, I came back to Auckland where I continued to rehabilitate horses and began working with their owners so they were able to continue having a great relationship with their horse.

From my diverse background of over 25 years of study and experience in the traditional methods of classical dressage, modern methods of pony club, showing and natural horsemanship methods of communication and horse psychology, I am able to give you direction in an overall balanced approach to working and playing with horses.

I have learn't most methods work to get similar results in the short term but it is important to have methods that allow the horse to trust you to get long term results.

I look forward to meeting you.

Kirsten Rose

Barefoot Hoof Trimming
 All About Horses & Waitoru Farm

Holistic and non-invasive hoof trimming for your horse. Professional hoof trimmer for horses, minis, ponies and donkeys since 2001 and, cows, sheep and goats since 1996. If it has got hooves, I can trim them.

I cover the greater Auckland area.


    • Trimming $50.00 per horse for regular trims (every 4- 6 weeks within my trimming round)
    • First Trim $60.00 per horse
    • Outside of regular trims $60.00 (over 6 weeks since last trim or not in regular round)


    • "Kirsten has a lot of knowledge in this area and does a fantastic job with my horses hooves. When she first started trimming my horses hooves they had white line disease and thrush. Now they both have strong hooves and have no issues walking on all different kinds of surfaces." Racquel - Auckland
    • "Blue says thank you for his pedicure Kirsten! He said he felt like a million dollars after and to prove it he did the most beautiful floating,extended trot around his paddock followed by his most awesome canter. Not bad for an old man, Thank you!" Alison - Bombay
    • "Tia loves your tender care. Thank you so much for your attention and guidance. With your help and advice our laminitis scare is behind us, for the moment. We are so grateful. I'm still chuckling at the vet scratching his head and telling me we're already doing the right things, and he didn't want to interfere with your work. Priceless! Janine - Dairy Flat
    • "Thanks Kirsten for the barefoot hoof trim today. Awesome job as always!" Tracey - Takanini
    • "Thank you for the awesome job on Zena, great meeting you! See you again soon X" Lauren - Tairua

Please text me for any enquiries Kirsten 027 514 3370

Muscular Skeletal Body Work
All About Horses

Being a trainer of horses and their owners, I see a lot of very un-cooperative horses. And guess what? It is not always your lack of leadership, knowledge or confidence! It stems back mostly to the horse being sore, through something not being in the right place. If I am called to help a relationship where the horse is not behaving, un-cooperative, lazy, nutty, ears pinned back, girthy, one sided, swishy tail, I can assess whether it is needs a muscular and/or skeletal body work and adjustments or if it is due to fear, dominance, unclear cues / aids.

Having completed Level 1 - Equine Unwinding with April Battles through Holistic Horseworks, I have found being able to adjust the skeletal and muscular system an incredible and rewarding benefit to helping horses and their owners.

Each session will take around an hour and cost $60.00. I will give you exercises to stretch your horses tight areas so you can carry on what I have started and can refer you to other specialists if required.


For more information on April Battles and Holistic Horseworks, please see

Naturale Riding Lessons & Clinics
Naturale Riding Lessons

One on One Natural Horsemanship Training for you and your horse.

 All About Horses & Waitoru Farm

Personalised programmes in natural horsemanship to keep you and your horse happy and motivated with ground handling lessons, horse behaviour lessons and horse riding lessons. Based on natural horsemanship concepts that I have developed over the years to help you stay safe and gain confidence no matter what your goals and discipline.

A personalised programme in natural horsemanship will ensure you get the most out of your time with your horse and for you to both work in harmony together.

These sessions can build confidence in both you and your horse, allow you to observe and learn about your horses behaviour and what they are actually trying to tell you. You can also choose to work through the trust - communication - care programme and / or work on things you would like to resolve or improve.

The one on one sessions can set you up for success in your partnership so that you have practical exercises to work through that are directly related to everyday riding and handling.

We start with the first assessment which is between 2- 3 hours where I watch you interact with your horse. I will then go over some key points of horse psychology and driving lines which help to manouver the horse using the body language it understands.

We introduce the "three stages to asking" and we can then put some exercises into practice that will either be all you need to smooth out any issues you may be having or can be the start of your journey with the All About Horses Naturale Riding programme.

The Naturale Riding programme, is non -invasive natural horsemanship methods using "3 Stages to Asking", that I have put together to directly relate natural horsemanship ground work to ridden work. It uses horse psychology, body language, energy levels, and clear cues. The programme and methods are based on a system that eventually enables you and your horse to ride naturally. " Naturale riding" can be without bridle, saddle and restraints. Of course, if you do not aspire to "Naturale Riding", then you will still be able to have an amazingly harmonious relationship with your horse with the methods you have learn't through the " three stages to asking" - trust, communication, care programme.

There are Level Assessments and Certificates with the programme.

    • Level 1 - Stage A (Body language and verbal cues from the ground), Stage B (Long Lining) and Stage C (Free Driving and Connection)
    • Level 2 - Stage A (Basic Naturale Riding), Stage B (Medium Ground work) and Stage C (Medium Naturale Riding)
    • Level 3 - Stage A (Advanced Ground work), Stage B (Naturale Bareback Riding) and Stage C (Naturale Bridleless Riding)

There is also an Instructors course IN 2018 where you could become a Naturale Riding Trainer and Instructor! See here for details...


"Kirsten is a great teacher. She makes the lessons easy to understand and explain why the horse reacts they way they do as well as explaining how to correct the problem. She is very patient with my horses but is also able to be firm with them when required. Both my horses and I have improved so much since we started having lessons with Kirsten." Racquel - Auckland

Prices for Lessons are:

    • $40.00 (at Waitoru Farm with your horse) 45 mins - 1 hour
    • $60.00 (at Waitoru Farm with one of our horses) 45 mins - 1 hour
    • $70.00 (at your place with your horse) 45 mins - 1 hour
    • First Assessment = $140.00 (2-3 Hours full assessment which includes pasture, paddock, behaviour, gear, feed, hooves, body and you :) Also includes 1 hour of introduction to Natural Horsemanship lesson).
    • DVDS NOW AVAILABLE! LEVEL 1 = $60.00 LEVEL 2 = $60.00

Covering the greater Auckland area. Please email phone/ text Kirsten 027 514 3370



Naturale Riding Clinics / Workshops
 All About Horses & Waitoru Farm
    • Learn how to understand your horse's natural body language and communication
    • Learn how to keep your horse's focus and to stay safe
    • Learn the importance of natural ground work and how it applies to riding
    • Learn how to soften you aids and how to have a happier more compliant horse

The Naturale Riding™ programme and the "3 Stages to Asking" is about learning how the horse thinks and behaves and how to work with them in a harmonious two way relationship. It promotes safe and effective horsemanship that is easy to understand and apply.

 All About Horses & Waitoru Farm
    • Level 1 Establishing verbal commands, regulating energy, establishing body language, enjoying a deep trust and connection based on mutual understanding from having learnt how to understand your horses language. The ground work is based on using the horses own language (body language and energy) and then incorporating our language (body, voice and energy) to work together in a safe, yet motivating environment. What you and your horse will discover, will be a whole new level of understanding and communication, where you will be able to trust and enjoy each other. 2017 CLINIC DATES:
      • Level 1 = Saturday 25th November 2017 & Saturday 2rd December 2017
      • Venue : Waitoru Farm - Maramarua / Pokeno
      • Time: 10am Start - 3- 4pm Finish
      • Cost: $120 Participant $60 Spectator
All About Horses
    • Level 2 Applying your verbal commands, energy, and body language to establish a safe and soft way of riding. It is practical and can enhance your natural horsemanship, jumping, dressage, and general riding techniques. 2016 CLINIC DATES:
      • Level 2 = Sunday 26th November 2017 & Sunday 3rd December 2017
      • Venue : Waitoru Farm - Maramarua / Pokeno
      • Time: 10am Start - 3- 4pm Finish
      • Cost: $120 Participant $60 Spectator

HOST A CLINIC (6 participants required) AND PARTICIPATE FOR FREE!!! Just a big paddock required as a venue!


Naturale Horse Management Clinics
All About Horses

Overall behaviour and care for groups of 5 -10 people - NO HORSE REQUIRED

At your place or at Waitoru Farm.

Topics can include: Bits vs Bitless, Shoes vs Barefoot, Grass n' Gear, Weed's n' Worms, Prey horse vs Predator human, Horse condition, using Natural Horsemanship concepts.

One day Clinics can be for your group of grazers or group of friends, where I come to you, so you can relax in your own environment and not have to worry about transport.

These practical clinics focus on Natural Horse Management which helps you with the overall health and care for your horse.

Topics Include:

    • Bits vs Bitless - discover the differences in handling and riding and the theory behind them
    • Shoes vs Barefoot - can your horse go barefoot and why would you want to?
    • Grass n' Gear - Hands on discovery and exploration of the grasses in your pastures and what to look for in good fitting gear.
    • Weeds n' Worms - Discuss and discover "what is the big deal about worms and weeds"
    • Prey Horses vs Predator - Human frustrations are explained and the reasons behind our thoughts and actions and the horses thoughts and actions.
    • Horse Condition - Weight assessment and control for slim, not so slim, and neither of those.

Host a clinic you get to participate for FREE!

Please email Kirsten for bookings and enquires.


Kirsten Rose

All About Horses

Creator of All About Horses, Naturale Riding, Natural Horse Management Mag and Owner of Waitoru Farm. in Waikato, New Zealand.

Level 1, 2 and 3 Naturale Riding Instructor and Trainer. Currently working two her thoroughbreds Matariki (pictured) and Montana at Level 3 - Bridleless and Bareback.

Kirsten aspires to rid the horse world of harmful mechanisms used on horses, and to assist people in their transition from bits to bitless, shod to barefoot and paddocks to track systems.


All About Horses

Qualified Level 1 and 2 Naturale Riding Instructor and Trainer in Stockholm and Hillerstorp, Sweden.

Karolina spent four months at Waitoru Farm from January 2014 - May 2014 as a full time Natural Riding Student and successfully passed all modules of the Instructors course, from barefoot hoof trimming to starting a young horse, and competing in the the Naturale Riding Ribbon Day with her favourite horse Mystery.

Karolina rode for a number of years in Scandanavia being taught the traditional methods of horsemanship before coming to New Zealand to be emersed in Natural Horsemanship. She is now excited to take the Naturale Riding methods, and her bitless and barefoot knowlegde back home to make a start on helping make the world a better place for horses and their humans.

All About Horses All About Horses

Applications are being taken for the 2018 Naturale Riding Instructors Course. Please email Kirsten Rose at

Requirements : To want make the world a better place for horses. Applicants need to attend the Level 1 and Level 2 Clinic in November/December 2017. Instructors course will be in March 2018 at Waitoru Farm, Maramarua/ Pokeno, Waikato, NZ. Own horse not essential. Overseas applicants will need to have good english speaking and understanding. Must have work / holiday visa and will need to be staying in New Zealand during February and March 2018.

Course content includes:


    • Complete Level 1 and Level 2 certificates
    • Ride horse at Level 3 at walk with no bridle
    • Starting a young horse
    • The difficult horse / horses with vices
    • Barefoot Hoof Trimming
    • Instructing / Customer Service
    • Gear Fitting
    • Nutrition
    • Condition Scoring
    • Track Systems
    • Educational Books And DVDs


    • TOTAL HOURS FOR PRACTICAL HORSEMANSHIP – (4 x ½ days per week) OR 2 x full days per week = 16 HOURS PER WEEK
    • TOTAL HOURS FOR NON-PRACTICAL (READING) – 6 - 12 Hours per week

Please email for full Instructors programme and appliction from.

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